Learn More About Our Innovative Boltzmann Maps Online Tools

Conifer Point Pharmaceuticals has developed and supports Boltzmann Maps, a web application for drug design that empowers early stage drug discovery. Boltzmann Maps provides drug researchers with tools to design and prioritize small molecules in pre-clinical drug discovery. It enables identification of candidates by visualizing how and why compounds interact with target proteins, and by exploring suggested compound modifications derived from chemical fragment binding maps. The result is higher affinity and more selective compounds that specifically exploit details of binding sites of a particular protein. Boltzmann Maps is available via a low-cost subscription service, is easy-to-learn, and is available everywhere via the Web. Our mission is to enable you to progress novel, high-quality New Chemical Entities to the clinic, faster.

Visit the BMaps application here

Select a Protein Target

Protein, Ligand and Publication Views

Drag and Drop Compounds

Protein-Ligand Energy Highlights

Water Maps
Impact of Bound Waters on Ligand Binding

Search Fragment Maps for Optimizations

Export Compounds to Other Services
(Reaxys, CDD Vault)